Nothing Says Cheesy Like The Diamond Bali

When I last left off, we were wrapping things up in Sanur and were ready to board a ferry to Nusa Lembongen. But, I can’t leave Bali behind without interrupting these travel tales to share with you an architectural gem I stumbled on while I was in Sanur. I wasn’t sure what it was called but if you google ‘diamond’ and ‘Sanur’ apparently there’s not much competition ;) The lobster photo I posted yesterday was frightening, but then to see that this town also had a diamond building- wow, quite the multi-faceted beach town if you ask me.

I came across this over-the-top cheesy wedding venue our first day in Sanur. The Diamond Bali overlooks the beach but all I could think of was how hot it must be in there with the sun beating down. Why would you get married in a hot glass box, ahem I mean diamond, when you could walk 50 feet and get married on the beach? I’m generally not one to judge on things like this, because…well, each to their own. But this diamond wedding venue, frankly, mystifies me! According to their website, it is a ‘beautiful design’ and ‘elegant concept’. Lauren and I wondered if, offered the chance to get married here with all expenses paid, would we do it? We both decided that it was a no. I couldn’t get past the fact that I’d probably break out in fits of laughter at the altar for feeling a bit ridiculous, and the fact that all of the photos would be inside this diamond instead of on a beautiful beach! Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but I just don’t get it. Our second day in Sanur, we were armed with a camera when we went for a walk. And, we were oh so lucky to see a couple getting married in the diamond! Lauren, being the excellent detective that she is, lurked around the grounds for some shots of the diamond.

Do you ever dream of uber-tacky weddings and honeymoons? Probably not. But if you were to have an uber tacky wedding, where would it be? I’m thinking mine would be at a wedding chapel in Gatlinburg (I just looked it up and you can have a wedding with 10 guests, receive 10-4×6 photographs, and get 2 nights in a honeymoon suite for the Weekday Special of $329!), followed by a honeymoon to Dollywood. And let’s not forget, I would have to wear an 80s wedding dress with poofy shoulders to make the day complete. Oh, and can Elvis be present?

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