Obama is Everywhere… Even on Bubble Gum

As I sit here glued to CNN (really, I should wait to watch later but it’s fun to watch the percentages change bit by bit), I’ve been thinking back to how much Africans adore Obama. Because of his Kenyan father, I can’t tell you how many times (like millions), I’ve been asked in Africa, as an American, ‘Oh you know Obama?!’ I wish I could tell them, ‘Of course I do. We grab coffee together on Fridays.’ Except I don’t drink coffee, and I don’t know Obama personally. But I know that they are just excited to talk about Obama, and I try to relay as much current news as I can. As an American, my popularity in Kenya grew tenfold from my visit in 2008 to my subsequent visits. And I quickly discovered on those later visits that Obama products are everywhere… everywhere!

I’m sure like many of us, including this little girl, you are extremely sick of hearing the names Romney and Obama and are relieved the elections are over. But I thought I’d give you a glimpse of Obama products that can be found in Africa and leave the politics for others to discuss. (I came across tons of clothing and even backpacks and shoes, but I couldn’t find all of the photos.)

Obama knows his status… do you? (Taken in Makuyu, Kenya)

Obama bread from the bakery! I forgot to take a picture of the sign so you’re stuck with this photo of the bread. (Taken in Monkey Bay, Malawi)
Obama passport photos- in EVERY city in Kenya. If you come across a passport photo shop, I guarantee Obama’s photo is the example. (Taken in Kenol, Kenya)
Obama fabric. I snatched this one up a few years ago and still want to make it into a dress… unless you have another idea! (Taken in Nkhata Bay, Malawi)
And yes, even Obama bubble gum. Strawberry flavored and yummy. (Taken on Likoma Island, Malawi)

And just so you know, even though Africa loves President Obama, I also discovered President Bush at the Hot Coconut Bar on Likoma Island. I bring you- bonus photos:


Osama and Bush on a wall in Malawi
Bush and Saddam on a wall in Malawi


I’d love to hear what random products you’ve come across on your travels!

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