The Time I Ate Bull’s Balls in Bend

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Yes, you read that correctly. I have eaten bull’s balls. As my friend and I kayaked on Devils Lake, we landed on the topic of the weirdest foods we’ve ever eaten. My list consisted of eating ostrich in Kenya, cow’s tongue in Botswana, and a grasshopper in Thailand. I mentioned that I had really wanted to try Rocky Mountain Oysters on this road trip (aka bull’s balls), but Stella and I never found them in Texas. I hoped to find them once I reached Colorado. My friend then mentioned that there was a restaurant in Bend that served them. What??!!! I nearly tipped the kayak in excitement. And, he had never had them either. Sold! After we packed up the kayak we headed back to town for a feast. Okay, maybe not a feast, but for a bull’s balls tasting at Tumalo Feed Co.. We ordered them, and to my delight they came greasy and deep-fried (meaning they were bound to have some flavor to cover the real taste).

It turns out that they honestly weren’t bad at all. They were very tender, yet I couldn’t quite figure out how they were cut. Which was where our waiter came into play. We tried to ask him, in the most professional way we could, how exactly they cut the balls. Are they sliced? Do they peel the meat off like you would a fruit peel? How does this work exactly? He wasn’t sure so he went and asked the chef. Upon returning, he explained that they chop them along the longest length (since the balls are actually oval-shaped). So there you have it- I have tried Rocky Mountain Oysters and I liked them!

Have you had Rocky Mountain Oysters? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

7 thoughts on “The Time I Ate Bull’s Balls in Bend

  • I really like cow tongue! I’d probably do OK with rocky mountain oysters as long as I didn’t know what they were prior to trying them. I find if I know prior, I psych myself out too much and can’t do it.

  • Never had it! And I don’t think I’ve eaten anything too weird. I had kangaroo, emu, and crocodile in Australia, and I had alligator in Florida. I suppose those will do!

  • In the South, they’re called rooster fries! And no, I’ve never actually tried them, but I’ve had a host of weird things on my travels and living in San Francisco (pig trotters, sea urchin gonads, etc. etc. etc.).

  • The weirdest thing I’ve eaten is probably guinea pig in Peru. I’ll try most things once, although I don’t know if balls would gross me out too much if I actually had them in front of me.

  • Nice! I would say that I have eaten dog, cat, rat and bat at some stage through this journey in Asia without knowing it. For choosing foods, probably just the insects in Cambodia have really stood out from the crowd. My other half ate cockroach. I just couldn’t go there!

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