Watoto Wa Baraka Children: A Photo Essay

I have wrapped up my stay at Watoto Wa Baraka (WWB) orphanage here in Kenya. I wrote about my anxiety going into my second stay here, and I still don’t know that I’ve formed a conclusion on the second time around: it was definitely different. I have a few more posts about my time at WWB, but for now I want to share with you about these cute kids! In 2008, during my first volunteer stay, I took lots of photos. This time I never even pulled out my SLR camera, but rather, just took a couple of snapshots here and there with my pocket camera. I can’t say I have great photos of them this time around but the kids are so cute that I wanted to share these snapshots. Hope you enjoy :)

Mwangi just before he tried to let the pigs out of their pen!

Kids Playing on the Cart
Saturday afternoon entertainment with the cart

Virginia & Beatrice
Virginia & Beatrice- two lovely girls sponsored by the orphanage

Joseph M. & Eric
Joseph M. & Eric playing on the cow pen

Joseph, one of the older boys at the orphanage who's like the 'man in charge'

Little Lucy

A great shot of Mwangi who insisted on posing on the training potty

Alix who had to greet me EVERY time he saw me.

Diana- a really sweet, quiet girl who usually speaks with her eyes

Daniel has an irresistible smile & speaks really good English. He wants to be a helicopter pilot.

Sospeter- he makes the greatest facial expressions!

Joyce Damaris Teresia
The older girls coming home from school

Diana Simon Alix
Kids collecting manure for the biogas cooking system

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