Windhoek: Namibia’s Capital City

When I was in Namibia, I wrote about my safari in Etosha National Park and climbing the sand dunes in the Namib Desert. Because of it’s beautiful landscapes I had wanted to go to Namibia for quite some time. Due to it’s central location, I ended up staying in Windhoek, the capital, on three occasions for a total of five nights. The city is nestled in the hills, and driving into Windhoek is a nice way to approach it, as it slowly unfolds before you. Windhoek is one of the few modern and clean cities in Africa, and if it weren’t so small, I could settle down in the city for a bit. However, Windhoek is not exactly a tourist hot spot. Spending five nights there did not mean that I found five days worth of activities to keep myself occupied. I didn’t take many photos of the city, since there is not much I would consider striking, but here are a few things I managed to stumble upon while out on leisurely strolls in Windhoek.

1. Meteorite Display:

The Post St. Mall is an outdoor walking street full of craft vendors. In the center of the area is the Gibeon Meteorite Display. It is the largest known shower of extra terrestial bodies ever to land on earth. While I wasn’t expecting to see that while in Namibia, I feel like it will give me some street cred if I ever meet any astronomy experts. These pieces on display are estimated to be four billion years old.

2. Himba Women & Babies:

As I was walking down Fidel Castro Street by the park, I had to do a double-take. After seeing modern office buildings, cars, and housing in Windhoek, it was surprising to see nude tribal women on the street selling crafts. It was definitely a touching moment, as it reminded me that just outside of this Westernized city were tribes like the Himba. I reflected on what it would be like if people were walking the streets of New York City and suddenly came upon a site such as this. While Windhoek is a modern city, there are still reminders of the tribes are struggling to maintain their culture in Namibia.

3. Christ Church:

This gothic revival style Lutheran Church reminds visitors of Namibia’s strong German influence. In Swakopmund, on the west coast of Namibia, the architecture makes it obvious that it is a German settlement. However, in Windhoek, the architecture isn’t exactly striking, so you have to look a little harder to find more structures such as this one.

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  • I can imagine that beign so weird to suddenly see nude tribal women in the middle of a city. That would be completely unthinkable in a western city. Namibie itself is very high on my list of countries that I would love to visit in Africa, especially the Namib desert.

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